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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

"There seems to be more than one Wyndham hotel in the city, so what is the difference and how do I know which one to choose?"

Almost all of the Wyndham hotel properties are franchised under the Wyndham Hotel Group, but each hotel is unique and it just depends on what an individual's needs are.

"If I make a reservation through a third-party website like, can I receive Wyndham Reward points?"

Unfortunately, no. All reservations must be made directly from our hotel.

“If I make reservations at your hotel, will I be honored the best rate available?”

Yes, if you happen to see a lower rate anywhere else, we will do a price-match, but only if it is the same day the reservation is made. Unfortunately, if you see a lower rate weeks or months afterwards, the rate that was quoted at the time you made the reservation can not be modified. Normally, when you book in advance, chances are you are receiving the best rate.

"If I need to rent a rollaway bed, does your hotel honor these special requests and can I pay in advance?"

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee special requests, but we always do our best to honor them.

“Does your hotel offer parking and if so, how much will parking costs me?"

Yes, presently our hotel does offer self-parking for hotel guests, but we can only accommodate small to medium-size vehicles. Guests are allowed to enter and exit the parking garage anytime they want, but be advised we do not have a parking attendant available all day so if you need to re-enter, please notify the front desk staff. Self-parking rates range from $25 to $35 per night and is first come, first serve. During the high season, the garage will most likely be filled to capacity, but other parking options are available. Please note: the downtown area does not offer complimentary parking and there is always a fee to park your vehicle.

“Does your hotel offer transportation from the airport to the hotel (and vice versa)?"

Unfortunately, no, but there is a transportation company called Airport Shuttle that can take you from the airport to our hotel as long as you book 24 hours in advance.

"How crazy is it during these Special Events like Mardi Gras?"

Very crazy! But not to the point where you would want to miss this annual event! Every year, the city holds numerous Special Events and the feedback is always the same: people have an amazing time whenever they come into town and stay with us! But before you come, please note our hotel does have certain "special" policies that all guests should be made aware of prior to booking their reservations with us. For example, during Mardi Gras, all guests will be required to wear neon wristbands, otherwise they will not be allowed entry into our hotel. This is a common practice not only at our hotel, but in almost every hotel in downtown New Orleans.

"How many guests are allowed to stay in a room?"

Depends what type of room, but no more than 4 guests per room. Also, due to fire codes and safety regulations, guests must notify our hotel in advance of additional guests as mandated by law. The hotel has the right to refuse service to guests who violate this policy.

"Are pets allowed?"

Due to our 100% no-pet policy, we can not accept pets.

"Is smoking allowed anywhere inside the hotel?"

Due to our 100% smoke-free policy, smoking inside the hotel is not permitted.

"If I plan on checking-in before 3 pm, will my room be available?"

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee this request because on occasion, we may have a large turnover the night before so your room may not be available. But on the bright side, if you have any luggage to store, we would be more than happy to store them for you.

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